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Our Denim
Inherently raw denim is a more sustainable garment than the traditionally washed denim we find saturating almost 90% of the market today. Raw denim remains in its natural and unaltered state, creating a higher quality, longer lasting, and uniquely customizable product. We source the materials for our raw denim from responsible sources; preferably sustainable and eco friendly, sourced right here in the U.S. We manufacture in facilities that we believe can produce our goods responsibly while maintaining the standards we set forth without sacrifice. To us, denim is an article of clothing that has the ability to tell a great story over time, and as it travels with us, it will show visible signs of the journey’s we take.

Made Here. Made Well. Made For You.
We hand craft our denim right here in New Jersey. We do everything as local as possible, this way we can ensure our standards, meet your standards. We produce all of our denim in small batches, we feel this creates a more personalized product and enables us to keep a close eye on each and every pair of jeans we make.

Our Denim is Raw
All of the denim we produce is "Raw" or "Dry"
Denim in its raw state is pure and unaltered, this means the denim has not been washed, preserving the natural dyes and color of the denim. We choose not to wash our denim because it is a more environmentally friendly approach for production. No additional water or chemical additives are used in this process, meaning less waste, less environmental impact. In skipping these steps, the results are a longer lasting, better fitting, and more unique pair of jeans that you can feel good about wearing!

Your fit. Your wear.
We offer a variety of different fits, this way we can ensure that you'll find exactly what you're looking for. Once you've found your fit, the unique process of your denim's wear pattern will begin. Each and every pair of denim has a wear pattern that is unique to that pair, depending on the use of the denim and of course the washing. Creating individuality with denim is what we love about the wear process, the denim becomes totally original, just like you.
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