Our Story

The Founders
When Christopher Francois and Alexander Aronoff worked together over a decade ago in a small ski/snowboard shop they never imagined they would eventually end up as business partners. Through many commonalities Chris and Alex took a chance on a venture they felt so strongly about, from this Heratij was born!

The Mission
Heratij has a passion for bringing the highest quality apparel to support any busy life, whether it’s work or play. We are continuously pushing forward, innovating and transforming to create and supply clothing and accessories that will stand the test of time. Our purpose is not only based in the stylistic aspects of the product we sell it is also based in the quality and performance of the piece. Sustainability is at the forefront of any product we create or sell in our store. Environmental, longevity of the piece and functionality are central to our store and everything in it. We strive to uphold the perfect balance of both fashion and function. With a firm belief in every product in our store we consider ourselves curators of quality goods. This means that we extensively research and hand select any product we choose to sell that is not our own. We do so because we believe in the importance of quality over quantity and understanding the manufacturing process gives us further insight to the products we sell.

Our Imprint
The Heratij brand has developed and continues to evolve and grow everyday. We have rercently expanded our brand offerings from soley hand crafted American made denim, into outerwear, shirting, layering and activewear.  The Heratij brand is our passion, desiging, creating and fabricating we will continue to push the boundaries of our brand and creative selves.
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