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At Heratij Denim we believe the idea of heritage is unique to each and everyone of us… along with our DNA, our experiences, environments and interactions. It is what defines us as humans and individuals. To that end, the aesthetic we at Heratij seek to create is based on the uniqueness of each pair of our jeans. No two jeans are the same... we dare say they’re perfectly imperfect. Our jeans are small batch and individually hand made by happy, stoked and fairly compensated individuals here in the USA – not by workers abused in huge automated production lines. The Heratij aesthetic is ethically linked to the locally manufactured concept. Our goal is to ethically and domestically produce denim foregoing large profits to deliver attainable high quality “small batch” denim directly to the consumer. In short, the industry has lost its way and we aim to fix it. Someone once said to us, “hey, these are just a simple, well, made pair of jeans…” they couldn’t have paid us a higher compliment.



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