Better Than Coffee Bar


Brand BTC
  • WARNING: 100mg Natural Caffeine.
    • Caffeine sensitive? Start with 1/2 bar.
    • Try on an empty stomach for maximum effect!
  • Powered by Guarana & Maca (South American Plants).
  • 100 Kcal, 5g Protein, 8g Net Carbs (Carbs less Fibers = Net Carbs). 

       Natural-tasting, in stark contrast to sugar-filled, less healthy energy bars and drinks. Gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan, kosher, low sugar, low sodium, with high protein.

      We use dark chocolate, guarana and very little sugar, our product is bitter by the nature of its ingredients. The bitterness does not alter the quality of the product and should not be seen as a safety concern.