Evolg Mit Gloves


Brand Evolg

This unique glove is "2 in 1" concept which five fingers and mitten integrated.  When smart phones are not used, cover the mittens and improve the warmth for cold weather.   Our special inner-brushed fabric  which a nap has been raised by a process using circular brushes gives you extra comfort, soft touch and warmth. Once you wear this glove, the outstanding heat retention performance and wearing comfort, you will for in love with them.  

Acrylic 66.8%,Wool 28.9%,Nylon 2.5%,Polyester 1.1%,Polyurethane 0.7%



We developed the special conductive yarn that able to control touch screen phone with glove on.  This original yarn are processed by a special method with cotton before yarn was ionize with titanium keep original warmth and high conductivity.  This yarn is friendly to metal allergy.



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