Indy Bindings

The 2014-15 Indy snowboard binding is Packed with the Pro-Fusion GF chassis durability at a price that’s right-sized for any rider budget. This binding is great for the intermediate rider or someone feeling like taking their snowboarding up to the next level.

Equipped with the NEW light-weight, proven Rocklock highback and ultra smooth RADchets, the all-mountain freestyle Indy snowboard binding is always ready for any on-mountain situation.
  • Strap System: Two Strap
  • Highback: Regular
  • Riding Style: All Mountain Freestyle
  • Features: Chassis: Pro-Fusion GF, Highback: NEW! ROCKLOCK, Ankle strap: Custom Caddi, Strap Features: Cam-Lock Centering, Toe Strap: Tool-Less universal, Ratchet: Mega RADchet, EZ Feed Housing, Disc: NEW! Universal disc, Footbed: Seamless EVA, Tool-Less Adjust Power Ramp

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