Made In USA Raw Selvedge Jeans Slim - Grand Street


We call it the GRAND STREET fit, which is the fit name for all of our men's SLIM FIT JEANS. The lower thigh and knee area are slightly more relaxed then our Hope Street fit.

This is a Raw Selvedge Jean, Made in the USA (selvage jean) with 12 oz Cone denim.  Features include American Flag pocket print, available on all AMERICAN MADE DENIM JEANS with new improved metal buttons and rivet from one of the worlds highest quality producers for metal products for jeans.

For those new to denim, Selvedge (also call Selvage) denim is narrower and usually more expensive fabric then standard denim. Most jeans that are made with Selvedge have their patterns extend to the edge, cutting the fabric using the Selvedge as an out seam. The Selvedge can be seen at the outer edge of jean when it is worn cuffed.

This Denim Jean is RAW, unwashed with a slightly stiff hand feel. The fabric is Sanforized which means the fabric has been pretreated to decrease the rate of shrinkage of the raw denim. However, if you choose to wash the jeans, expect the jeans to shrink about 1 size or 5% overall for saftey.

Raw Denim is best when worn for a long period of time before washing. This way you can form your own natural whiskers, wrinkles and unique worn areas.  If you prefer a softer hand feel, simply give the jeans a quick hand wash to keep them dark and hang dry before wearing.

Sewn with single tone stitching, no labels or embroidered rear pockets, it's an unbranded jean. Our branding is our unique trademark coin pocket, stealth logo built inside the waist band, and quality at a smart price.


  • 12 oz Raw Denim
  • 100% Cotton 3x1 RHT
  • American Made White Oak Cone Mills Denim Fabric
  • Sanforized Denim
  • Made in USA

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