MULTICAM® Bomber Jacket


Brand Qilo

The MULTICAM® Bomber Jacket is the marriage between contemporary design and tactical application. Features a quilted brown satin lining, gunmetal zippers & hardware, and our pineapple logo embroidered on chest.

The Pattern:
The MULTICAM® pattern was developed and patented by Crye Precision, and is only printed in the USA under license. It is currently used by US and NATO military forces, with the rarer black version seen here confirmed to have been worn by US special operations forces in Syria.
QILO Jackets and Hats have the MULTICAM® trademark embedded within the pattern - an assurance that this is the real deal and not a cheap knock-off.

The Material:
The MULTICAM® shell of the Parka is constructed of a poly-coated 500 denier nylon. This durable material is used for military/police tactical gear such as vests, chest rigs, pouches, and backpacks. The treated nylon is water and wind resistant. A splash of water simply glides off of the fabric in beads.

Available in Sizes S-XXL

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