COVERT® Two-Tone Parka


Brand Qilo

The Two-Tone Hooded Jacket in COVERT® Transitional / Midnight Wool is the flagship outerwear piece of our Fall/Winter Collection. The jacket is the result of a marriage between contemporary design and tactical application. Features a midnight satin lining, gunmetal zippers & hardware, and our pineapple logo embroidered on chest.

The Pattern:
The COVERT® pattern was developed and patented by Brookwood Companies - exclusively designed for use by U.S. Army. It is only produced in the USA under license.



The Material:
The upper shell is constructed of a poly-coated 500-denier CORDURA® brand nylon fabric. This durable material is used for military/police tactical gear such as vests, chest rigs, pouches. The treated nylon has water-repellent and wind-breaking qualities. A splash of water simply glides off of the fabric in beads.

The lower shell is constructed of a premium wool blend. Color is specifically chosen to match the dark blue “blueberry” elements present in the COVERT Transitional Pattern.

Available in Sizes S-XXL

Fits True to Size

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